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We are a long-time partner of catering companies and understand their needs. We produce diverse, innovative and often patented paper products. We help to improve the appearance notably and to increase the efficiency of our customers.

  • Pochetta

    We saw an opportunity, an innovative idea that takes your business to the next level. Introducing Pochetta; a cutlery pouch with a napkin included. ELAGPochetta® has been established as the market leader, offering a tabletop solution to suit your application. Pochetta has become an integral part of food service throughout Europe and Australia. Not only ... > more
  • Nochetta - Pouch only

    In the year 2012, the market has asked us for a nicely printed cutlery sleeve without inserted paper napkin. As a result, it was our pleasure to develop Nochetta. It serves as a service aid and provides an excellent communication platform.
  • SNACKPochetta

    Cook, insert, serve and sell. All from one source! The paper napkin comes already inserted - with our SNACKPochetta restaurateurs can boost their snack-to-go business. Each product can be inserted in the appropriate Pochetta-size to guarantee a clean, hygienic instant consumption. The integrated napkin is helpful and hygienic. It does not come in contact with ... > more


ELAG è un produttore innovativo ed efficiente di imballaggio di ogni tipo per i mercati della ristorazione, del takeaway e delle compagnie aeree.

Lo sviluppo innovativo di nuovi prodotti è la nostra passione. Il successo dei nostri clienti è il nostro orgoglio.

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