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Cook, insert, serve and sell. All from one source! The paper napkin comes already inserted - with our SNACKPochetta restaurateurs can boost their snack-to-go business. Each product can be inserted in the appropriate Pochetta-size to guarantee a clean, hygienic instant consumption. The integrated napkin is helpful and hygienic. It does not come in contact with the food. In addition, SnackPochetta provides an excellent communication platform for the guest.


Protective measures for your company

Especially in these times, hygiene in the gastronomy is particularly important.

As the leading supplier of environmentally friendly cutlery bags with integrated napkin (Pochetta), ELAG Group has developed a special format. Pochetta XL is a cutlery bag with a height of 240 mm. The napkin is not touched by anyone and the cutlery also disappears in the bag for maximum protection.

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