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The high-quality O provides very special services for the venbag preparation of the famous hot paninis! This heat-resistant bag makes heating easier and more convenient than ever before. The bread roll can be heated up directly with the bag in the contact grill or oven and handed over to the customer -without risk of cross-contamination. Thanks to the greaseproof pa venbag per, the O is leak-proof and cleaning of the grill is no longer necessary.

  • Ovenbag

    The Ovenbag can be but into the contact grill with its content (Sandwich, Toast, etc).

    No cleaning of the grill is necessary any more.

    The Sandwich is already packaged for take away.


Protective measures for your company

Especially in these times, hygiene in the gastronomy is particularly important.

As the leading supplier of environmentally friendly cutlery bags with integrated napkin (Pochetta), ELAG Group has developed a special format. Pochetta XL is a cutlery bag with a height of 240 mm. The napkin is not touched by anyone and the cutlery also disappears in the bag for maximum protection.

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