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For decades our ELAG air-sickness bag has been used worldwide in air travel. In the 1970s, we developed this printed and leak-proof bag which is now also used for various other applications. It is a so-called "convenience bag". Meanwhile, various other paper products are designed and produced for this customer segment.

  • Pochetta

    We saw an opportunity, an innovative idea that takes your business to the next level. Introducing Pochetta; a cutlery pouch with a napkin included. ELAGPochetta® has been established as the market leader, offering a tabletop solution to suit your application. Pochetta has become an integral part of food service throughout Europe and Australia. Not only ... > more
  • Nochetta - Pouch only

    In the year 2012, the market has asked us for a nicely printed cutlery sleeve without inserted paper napkin. As a result, it was our pleasure to develop Nochetta. It serves as a service aid and provides an excellent communication platform.
  • Convenience Bag

    From the early 1980s, the newly developed product air-sickness-bag has been marketed worldwide. ELAG quality as well as production efficiency and flexibility have greatly contributed to the global success in the airline industry.
  • SnackBag

    The idea of the SnackBag was given to us by airlines. They were looking for a very short block bottom bag. It should present well, be leak-proof and remain open. Application: wrapping various foods and possibly drinks in an open and light container. The SnackBag is the economical substitute to a plate with minimal weight. > more


ELAG is an innovative and efficient producer of packaging products of all kinds for the markets catering, takeaway, airlines and industry.

Innovative development of new products is our passion. Our customers' success is our pride.


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